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--force-overwrite: still needed? --force-overwrites: A report /etc/X11/window-managers 3270 terminal emulator for Debian/Linux? [New-maintainer] [dumb question] Signed image? [Offtopic] C++-coded-packages [opic lists] Re ANNOUNCE .... Re: [Q] How do I get rid of 'no utmp entry available' ``gated'' anybody? `cgiwrap' packaged, new Debian maintainer application Re: `install-info' About bo-updates Account in Master thttpd anyone? AIEEEEEE! How do I compile a X shared lib? Alpha status? Amiga 68k Bootdisks analog copyright question ANNOUNCE: Japanese translation of Debian Policy Manual ANNOUNCE: New debian-devel-topic mailing lists ANNOUNCE: new mailing list debian-autobuild Announcing GNU CSSC ("Compatibly Stupid Source Control"). anti-spam package Re: anti-spam package [modified tcpd version ...] Anyone seeing dpkg-parsechangelog problems? apache & php arggh, libreadline hose my system too! Bash Coredump with tab completion: fixed bash ready yet? bo-updates suggestion Re: Boot disk images -- the only way? Re: boot-time kernel selection and / mismatch bug in dpkg (was Re: packages in the old format) Bug in xanim? Bug system operational after move - please resend bounced mail Bug#11144: marked as done (was: general: DNS zone for uses CNAMES for MX records) Re: Bug#11882: mpeg_play: needs recompile Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug Re: Bug#988: `script' is insecure, and general tty insecurity Bug#988: Pty allocation: additional info Bug#988: Solution to pty allocation problem Bugreports about Xresources YES or NO? bzip2 -- no longer non-us? can conffiles be diverted? Can't find "fakeroot" anywhere cfgtool [was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases] Color schemes worth a bug report? (Re: lynx colors for ease of use) Compiling a new package for Debian 2.0 Congratulations for Debian Re: Contents-i386, unstable? copyright question Copyright: Pick your favourite cvs readonly Debian Re: Debian contacts debian fragility Debian info for Sys Admins - RFC. Re: Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO (regular posting) Re: Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO (regular posting, updated) Re: Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO (solved!) Debian on Solaris DEBIAN POLICY WEEKLY, Issue #3 (August 18, 1997) Re: Debian Releases (was: Show me the money) debian-private? :) and mirrors Re: Deity UI draft Dependency checking by dpkg-ftp Diety peoject - another important feature(?) Re: Diety UI draft difference between libpng1 and libpng0 ? doc/LANG Doing CVS based Package maintainence Dpkg and version numbering Re: dpkg-checkpackages Re: dpkg.rpm? DQS and pvm (Hi, Drake Diedrich) Duh. Easy solution (Was: Re: arggh, libreadline hose my system too!) Dumb question about Debian packages egcs (New GCC) Egcs packaged, available in /debian/home/galenh Egcs, gcc, and Debian Re: Egcs, gcc, and Debian -- Let's not forget C++ Enhancement to the bug system (Was: The pine base64 bug - policy) Enlightenment: good news Ext2fs problem not cured by e2fsck Re: fakeroot forcing filemodes feature request for the install system : install linux from linux ? fidogate file-rc up for adoption First Open Hardware certification first revision number FSF's snail mail address? The GNOME Desktop project (fwd) Good work... grok and Motif Hello help, Who modifies /etc/services ? Re: Hosed my debian system. How make Debian fit for other languages? How should I handle libraries? How to compile succesfully with libc6??? Re: How to provide HTML documentation? How to upload to master? Hypermail package up for adoption Re: I2O article i2o fiasco- a possible workaround Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use Incoming is 0755 ?? could not upload ! Re: Insecure admin scripts with /tmp temp files Install.html Re: Installing from floppies Installing Gateways Installing non-interactively/improving interactive postint-scripts Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info IP blocking IRC Clients Is omniORB taken? It's not just Debian any longer jdk1.1.3, swing Joey Hess is around ? Just a few questions... kde maintainer wanted Re: keeping a "stable" machine around Kernel flavors (Re: boot-time kernel selection) and --list ldd on a lib that uses libX11 ldso downgrade [ need HELP in RECOVERING a DEBIAN SYSTEM] Re: Libc6 - important question libc6 include files? Re: Libc6 Upgrade Howto? libg++-altdev libpty function interface [DRAFT] (Re: Bug#988) libreadline missing symbol libreadline upgrade: tab key in bash logs me out! Re: Link to Japanese Debian? list mail snafu-ed list restructuring proposal Lists of Maintainers Local packages? logging The last update was on 09:35 GMT Fri May 17. There are 943 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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