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Re: debian fragility

> If you *do* run into dependancy problems with stable, you should
> submit a bug. 

There's too much going on, right now, for me to nail down any one issue
as a bug.  I am searching for a way to cut across some of the cruft,
of course.

However, there is one thing bugging me more and more:  libc5 in unstable
conflicts with libc5-dev.  I'm not sure I completely understand why.

I believe that there's a problem between libc6-dev and the older
libc5-dev, but altlibc5-dev doesn't provide libc5-dev, and I presume
for good reason.  Also, programs developed under either altlibc5-dev
and libc5-dev should work equally well under libc5.

And, I don't see any files in common between libc5 and libc5-dev.

For now, I've force dependencies to get the unstable libc5 and unstable
libc5-dev to co-exist side by side.  Superficial tests seem to indicate
that it's working ok.  Maybe I'll have something wierd happen (utmp

I've got a number of older packages, and I need to start tackling
bringing them up-to-date some time.  If I need to wait for unstable to
become stable I'm not going to be very useful, eh?

-- Raul

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