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Re: Installing from floppies

On 17 Aug 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

> Umm, "dpkg-split" has been around since at least 1.0... 

<joke on>
Great, dpkg-split will work on a win95 box?  I didn't know elf binaries
worked dos.  This is definately good news.
<joke off>

I was refering to dpkg-split.  How does a debian user transfer files from
a non-linux computer to a debian system when the files are larger than a
floppy space, and floppy net is the only connection available.  This can
be handled by us or by them.  Debian can say forget them, that's there
problem, no normal person would transfer packages by floppy.  Or we can
make a few changes to support them.  Option 2 would be nice, but since
there are ways of doing option 1, I think that's what will happen.  If a
user can't find a way to transfer files, then that's their problem, and
debian will only offer a few suggestions to do this.

Just a thought,

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