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Installing Gateways

I installed a i386/20 for use as Gateway over the weekend and couldn't
get it working.

The ethernet worked fine right from the start (after replacing the
broken NE2000 card by a 3com) thanks to the setup made by the install
script, but the plib and slip I couldn't get to work for some time. Why
doesn't the installscript allow for multiple networks? Why can't it
configure all of them?
Or can I run a script that does the neccessary thinks after installing
the base? I liked that it asked me the ips and names and so on for the
ethernet, why can't it do the same for secondary network conections?

I couldn't get the system running fully, even though the ethernet was
working fully and the slip was working fine. I could ping any host as
long as I stayed on the same network. I couldn't ping anything that was
across on the other network, so the ipforwarding seems to not have
worked or some routing information was missing.
I used the 1.3 Debian install kernel and havent seen a module for
ipforwarding. Is it included in the kernel or left out or did I just
miss the module?

May the source be with you.

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