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Re: bzip2 -- no longer non-us?

>>>>> "Mike" == Michael Neuffer <neuffer@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de> writes:
Mike> We have enough partial mirrors that can not the whole disribution due to
Mike> disk space constraints. More packages would fit on distribution CDs
Mike> and people that transport the distribution home via sneakernet and 
Mike> install/upgrade directly from harddisk, don't have to devote that much
Mike> diskspace anymore. Those people that update via a modem link would also
Mike> appreciate the decreased download times. 

As for the CDs, one significative benefit would be to have one single
CD for sources+binaries, but i doubt it would fit, even with 'bzip2 -9'.
Even if it did, not a lot of space would be free for future growth.

So with the hypothesis of 2 CD, there is nothing to gain as they are
not very full : 380Mb instead of 650Mb for Debian 1.3.1.

But all other arguments are valid, so only CD users would see an
objection to the use of bzip2.


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