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Re: help, Who modifies /etc/services ?


> Hello, I am building a the new package asp, Address Search Protocol,
> which requires an entry in /etc/services under the section labeled "
> Services added for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution".

> Do I need to register 27374/udp with Debian (and with whom?), or it
> the task of postinst to add it to the table ?

As the other poster said, /etc/services is part of netbase (on my
system; he actually mentioned netstd) and you need to contact the
maintainer to sort this out.

Assuming a quick response from the maintainer, make your package
depend on netbase version n+1; or whatever the maintainer suggests.
Include a comment in the Description to the effect that it can be
--force-depends installed but that it requires the extra line in

Without a response from the maintainer, you may wish to take up the
other poster's suggestion of editing the /etc/services in your
postinst, however, I would a) test for the line existing first, b) ask
the admin before adding it, as c) I believe that script-editing
conffiles is against current policy; however, I may be wrong.


ps I just realised the 'other poster' was Bruce Perens --- take my
suggestions with a pinch of salt.

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