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Re: Diety UI draft

> Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mozcom.com> writes:
> > But mirror doesn't have the nice diety UI ;-).
> But you can run mirror every night which shouldn't take too long
> unless a new set of X packages have been released, and the point diety
> at the mirrored tree.

That's what I do, but when you are paying per byte, there are two things wrong 
with this:

  If a package you are using changes twice before you get round to running an
  upgrade, the first download was wasted.

  Mirror picks up packages that I never use --- timidity-patches (10MB) for
  example, costs me an absolute minimum of 25p (about $0.40) assuming I get
  7k/s out of my ISDN (optimistic), it normally costs double or more than this,
  and I've never even installed it.

> I do agree that having a tool to generate a list of needed packages
> like dpkg-ftp is a very useful thing if you can't afford the disk
> space for a mirror (now about 500MB if you include non-free, contrib,
> non-US (source and bin), and unstable).

500MB ?   I've managed to fill a 850MB partition, and I don't mirror source or 

Cheers, Phil.

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