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Re: first revision number

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Lalo Martins wrote:

> Hi. I'm having some trouble with my registration... too much work to go
> after a scanner ;-) but I still intend to register sometime this month and
> maintain some packages.
> Well. The problem here is with enlightenment and imlib. I already have some
> non-official packages available in the usual enlightenment ftp sites. But
> now I have to modify the imlib package because I screwed it, and I'm putting
> a revision number of 2 on it (imlib1_0.4-2).
> When I complete registration and get over to upload this to debian, can I
> have my first upload be -2 to keep a consistent numbering (for those who
> already use my unofficial packages) or do I have to start with -1?

using -2 or whatever should be fine, just remember to upload an entire
source package, not just the diff, which you could normally do for -[2...]


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