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Re: Just a few questions...

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

>> What about the required package upgrades for 2.1.x?
>What versions of which packages are needed?
>However, I think you will have to live with the "unstable" tree of debian.
>And yes, this are the "Debian devel-2.0" packages.
>Really, I'm no kernel wizard, but I *know* that I read messages on this list
>about kernel 2.1.x compiling. (Or on debian-user)
>If you can tell me what versions are needed, I will take a look at my
>packages file. It is up-to-date, so I can tell you what the latest version
>of xxyyzz in debian is.

Directly from the Documentation/Changes file:

Current Minimal Requirements

   Upgrade to at *least* these software revisions before thinking you've
encountered a bug!  If you're unsure what version you're currently
running, the suggested command should tell you.

- Kernel modules	 modutils-2.1.42         ; insmod -V
- Gnu C                 ; gcc --version
- Binutils               ; ld -v
- Linux C Library	 5.4.33                  ; ls -l /lib/libc.so.*
- Dynamic Linker (ld.so) 1.9.2                   ; ldd -v
- Linux C++ Library                 ; ls -l /usr/lib/libg++.so.*
- Procps		 1.01                    ; ps --version
- Procinfo               0.11                    ; procinfo -v
- Mount                  2.6g                    ; mount --version
- Net-tools              1.41                    ; hostname -V
- Loadlin                1.6a
- Sh-utils               1.16                    ; expr --v
- Autofs                 0.3.7                   ; automount --version
- NFS                    0.4.21                  ; showmount --version
- Bash                   1.14.7                  ; bash -version


I used my old email above!

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