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Re: Bug#11882: mpeg_play: needs recompile

"ioannis" == ioannis  <ioannis@flinet.com> writes:

ioannis>   1. It is part of two packages, ucbmpeg_1r2-2.deb and
ioannis> ucbmpeg_play_2.3_patched, both of which most likely should be
ioannis> placed in non-free: many mpeg algorithms are patented and
ioannis> there is (or is it planned for the near future?) a royalty
ioannis> fee to be split among 16 companies.

Nooooooo, somebody say it isn't so.

ioannis>   2. mpeg-2 decoders are also capable to decode mpeg-1
ioannis> formats; maybe it is time to support only mpeg-2 codecs. My
ioannis> mpeg2-viewer binary is about 68k in bytes, half the size of
ioannis> mpeg_play (an mpeg-1 viewer). Sunsite has an mpeg-2 viewer
ioannis> at: http://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/graphics/convert/
ioannis> mpeg2codec_v1.1a-src+bin.tgz

That's definitely an option, especially since it doesn't seem the
upstream authors are working on ucbmpeg.

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