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Doing CVS based Package maintainence


	I have been thinking of expanding my cvs-buildpackage package
 into something more useful for CVS based sources. I am thinking along
 the following lines:
 a) cvs-pkginit
	Takes a dsc file, and source and diff files (the diff file
	being optional), and imports the package into CVS.

	It parses the dsc file to determine package name and version
	number, unpacks the original source (using dpkg-source
	maybe?), imports the original onto the vendor branch, tags it,
	checks out the source, applies the patch, makes debian/rules
	executable, and commits the resulting package, tags it, and
	removes the package.

	This should work very well for importing a source CD to a
	central CVS repository.
 b) cvs-buildpackage
	Already exists. After commiting and tagging changes, calling
	this script exports the sources into a scratch directory, and
	creates the deb package by running dpkg-buildpackage.

	It can be provided the the packagename, or the CVS module
	name, or, failing that, it parses debian/changelog for the
	package name and version. Checks out the vendor branch version
	in case the original sources are not found. Works just great
	for me.
 c) cvs-upgrade
	Given a package a new upstream source (possibly unpacked
	already), a package name/version, (or a debian/changelog file)
	it imports the new upstream sources, and then checks out the
	latest version (-jsource-dist:yesterday -jsource-dist:Today)
	incorporating the new upstream patches.

	You should be ready to check things and commit them when

  Is there any interest in this? I would hate to put in this kind f
  effort unless it is really going to be used. 

	I would like to call this package pkg-cvs, which shall replace
 the current cvs-buildpackage package. Also, what is a good location
 for the scratch directory? /var/lib/pkg-cvs? 

 "In the long run, every program becomes rococo, and then rubble."
 Alan Perlis
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
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