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Re: Installing from floppies

In your email to me, Brandon Mitchell, you wrote:
> On 17 Aug 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:
> > Umm, "dpkg-split" has been around since at least 1.0... 
> <joke on>
> Great, dpkg-split will work on a win95 box?  I didn't know elf binaries
> worked dos.  This is definately good news.
> <joke off>
> I was refering to dpkg-split.  How does a debian user transfer files from
> a non-linux computer to a debian system when the files are larger than a
> floppy space, and floppy net is the only connection available.  This can
> be handled by us or by them.  Debian can say forget them, that's there
> problem, no normal person would transfer packages by floppy.  Or we can
> make a few changes to support them.  Option 2 would be nice, but since
> there are ways of doing option 1, I think that's what will happen.  If a
> user can't find a way to transfer files, then that's their problem, and
> debian will only offer a few suggestions to do this.

There are the programs 'split' and 'join' floating around. I believe
they are DOS ports of the gnu code. If so, we should put them in the tools
dir along with loadlin, rawrite, etc.


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