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Re: Debian contacts

Ray wrote:
> Rather than using addresses of individuals, I think it is better to have
> more permanent addresses [Computer Science meta-pattern #0: add another
> layer of indirection], in the form of aliases that (almost) speak for
> themselves. We have some of those already.
I guess I should have been more explicit about my intentions. Anything
meant for general consumption should definitely use aliases where
appropriate. My intention was to provide something for developers
who need to know who is in charge of something for when something
is wrong. For example, when working out some changes to the listing
of security problems on the web pages, I write to Christian Hudon
directly as it isn't of general interest and it's a waste of bandwidth
to send to security@debian.org. Also, developer's should be informed as
to who fills what function in Debian.

I will post this detailed listing to debian-devel monthly. For those
who havn't noticed the trailer of the main web page has been changed.
There is a link called 'contact Debian'. A number of Debian mail
addresses are shown there. I will expand it sometime when I have free
time and master is up (very little overlap lately).

- Sue

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