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Re: How to provide HTML documentation?

Jim Pick writes:
> [Martin Shulze was asking about HTML documentation menus]
> > But Jim is working on a new (apparntly) better mechanism for this,
> > so there may well be another method.
> In a month or so.  I've got all this week to work on Debian stuff, so I 
> should have a radically modified version of dwww to put into experimental
> at the end of it.
> I'd like to have a new file format for Documentation menu entries, perhaps
> built on top of SGML.  I haven't done anything yet - so I'll leave it open to
> debate (on the debian-doc mailing list).
> I am planning to make dwww available on more operating systems than just 
> Debian, so I don't want to do anything too Debian specific.

Ok, so for now I'm not going to add anything in that way.  If you
have your stuff released I'm pleased to include whatever is needed.



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