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Re: Installing non-interactively/improving interactive postint-scripts

When installing multiple packages, all questions should be asked before
installing the packages.

I was installing Debian on a 386/20 to act as an gateway over the
weekend and is was bad that I had to answere a question every now and
then and couldn't go to sleep. It took 6 hours to install the stuff.

If it had asked all questions at the beginning I could have supplied the
answeres and go to bed while it runs. It would be a really nice feature
and other install programms have it (which made me miss it in the first

I don't know if it is possible with the .deb files to do this (I don't
think so at the moment).

Another aproach would be to have a list of packages to be configured.
When one package want's to ask the user its put into another list.
The first programm entered into this list will ask the user for their
input, while (in the background) other packages are installed. After the
config for the package is done it is entered into the list of packages
to be installed.

That way one wouldn't have to sit next to the maschine during
installation all the time.

Dependencies could be done in a simmilar fashion. When a programm
depends on something it is put into the background until that programm
is installed/configured.

May the Source be with you.

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