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Re: Diety UI draft

Federico Di Gregorio <fog@perosa.alpcom.it> writes:

> > No, those with really serious bandwidth limitations or a desire to
> > compile everything from scratch (for security reasons or whatever)
> > would use this option.  Others could continue as before.
> It's a Nightmare... just imagine recompiling teTeX, XEmacs, GIMP
> and a couple of other *big* packages... sources+.o during compilation
> goes up to several hundreds of Kb.

It would go up much more than several hundreds of Kb, but that's not
the point.

I think we're having communication diffuculty here.  I'm not saying
that doing everything from source is for everyone.  It's obviously not
something you would like.  What I am saying is that for *some* people
it might be an *option* they'd like to have.  And for those people,
transmitting the source diffs could be a big win in bandwidth.  The
assumption here is that those people have the CPU horsepower and disk
space needed and don't mind using it for this.


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