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Re: [Offtopic] C++-coded-packages

On 30 Aug 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:
> Jason> Is there any tool to tell if any libraries are totally unused
> Jason> and can be removed? I wonder how many package depend on
> Jason> libraries that they don't actually use (like libg++)
> 	This is a part of the pkg-order suite. This does precisely
>  what you want. 

I guess he was talking about the dependencies found usind "ldd program",
not the dependencies in the Debian sense.
As you know (remember the "make depends on libelf" stuff?) it's easy
to have a program linked to libraries it doesn't use at all. It would 
be nice to have an easy procedure to detect those cases.
Enrique Zanardi					ezanardi@noah.dfis.ull.es
Dpto. Fisica Fundamental y Experimental
Univ. de La Laguna

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