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Re: anti-spam package

On Thu, 14 Aug 1997 23:04:09 +0200 (CEST), dark@xs4all.nl (Richard Braakman) said:
> # Spam filter.  Put it last so that it doesn't interfere with the mailing
> # list stuff, particularly debian-bugs.
> :0
>   * (^From: ((newsletter@shoppingplanet\.com)|([a-z]+@widexs.com)|([0-9]+@)))|(^X-Advertisement:)|(^X-P(MFLAGS)|(mflags): [0-9]+[. ][0-9]+$)|(^X-[0-9]: )|(^Comments: Authenticated sender is)
>   filtered-spam
> Warning for procmail novices: watch the long line.  The one that
> starts with a * has to be _one_ line.

procmail will let you split it up if you use \.  Further, spaces at the
beginning of the following line will be ignored, so you can even line
it up nicely.  Also, you don't need most of those parens.  Also, the
pmflags part of that is not doing what you expect, the ")|(" in the
middle should be just "|", but you don't need that because matching is
case insensitive by default.  Plus you need to use a lock file here
else you'll corrupt the filtered-spam file.

    :0 :
    * ^From: (newsletter@shoppingplanet\.com\
	|^X-PMFLAGS: [0-9]+[. ][0-9]+$\
	|^Comments: Authenticated sender is
Roderick Schertler

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