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ldso downgrade [weg@purdue.edu: need HELP in RECOVERING a DEBIAN SYSTEM]


This poor guy got no response on debian-user for several days.

He downgraded ldso, *ugh*.

I remember some people on this list interested in this case of problems.
Unfortunately, I forgot what to do.


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Marcus Brinkmann
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I have installed an apparently 
incompatible ldso version 1.9.5-1 on a
libc5 debian system.  Some library was
not found so I have decided to down
grade to the previous version of ldso
(1.8.x-x). But then rm could not be
found.  In short I could not downgrade.

The end result is that nothing seems to
be found.  I am still logged in, but
trying to telnet to the system results in

Is there a way to recover the system?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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