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Re: Alpha status?

In article <19970804194155.05891@calder>,  <mdorman@debian.org> wrote:
>On Aug 4, Danny ter Haar wrote
>> Tim Sailer <sailer@sun10.sep.bnl.gov> wrote:
>> >What state is Debian's Alpha effort in?
>> We re-installed the current debian-axp that is on available and it's
>> not good.
>Not to sound defensive, but in what way is it not good?

You know ofcourse we started the Debian/Alpha effort, but quit about half
a year ago. I finally had some time to try the latest Alpha stuff from
master, but it was pretty hard to install. For example, the base.tar.gz
doesn't contain /var/lib/dpkg .. so I had to create the file inthere
by hand :)

Furthermore, some stuff still depends on the old libc6 and some stuff
on the new libc6.1. There are different /lib/ld.so.1, ld.so.2, ld-linux.so
etc files. I had to remove ld.so.1 and link it to ld.so.2 for a lot of
programs to start running.

Then some minor things like "procps" which depends on a libbfd* which
isn't available..

But all in all, I got yar.cistron.nl up and running with full networking.
However people with not much previous Alpha/Debian experience will have
a real hard time getting it to work, if at all.

That's what Danny ment, I guess. We are trying to get a 300 Mhz Alpha from
DEC/Netherlands to put Debian/Alpha on and then we like to put it on the
net as a public machine again.

>Well, if we can get Tim's system installed (BTW, Tim, if you can get
>me the specs on that machine, I maybe can whip up a kernel image for
>you), we might have a week or two with a nice fast machine *now*.
>That'll help a lot, as my UDB is far from a performance champion.

Yeah compiling a kernel takes half a day or so :(

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