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Re: Libc6 - important question

> So, what's important about the question? Are you important?
> Surely the question isn't, it relates to "unstable", and
> that isn't quite "important" to users of 1.3 yet, is it?

Please Joost keep calm. I happen to think that the question is indeed
important for developers who want to release a libc6 version of their
packages but do not have the luxury of a spare system to break.

> > Have anyone tried it?
> I haven't. I wouldn't expect unsolvable problems, and I wouldn't

I have. And I only had a few very minor problems.

The worst part was that the postinst script of "locales" failed and it
left the new "libc5" unconfigured. I fixed it by hand.

Another problem I had was the new X server sending an out of sync signal
to my monitor. Fortunately, I managed to kill it before it fried my monitor.
I had to downgrade to the old X server.

Other than that, it went smooth. (I forgot: I also had to downgrade mgetty
because they one hangs forever sometimes)


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