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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug

> > > I can't believe you are seriously trying to claim that anything
> > > documented is not a bug, I refer you once again to the
> > > hypothetical example of a documented alias ls='rm -fr', is that
> > > not a bug?
> [ ... ]
> > The issue with Pine is not in that class.
> So?  I'm worried by the fact that maintainers of Brian's stature have
> this belief that by documenting a bug and calling it intended
> behaviour you can magick it into non-existence.  Yes my examples are
> extreme, but if Brian wants to hold this position for Pine, I'll take
> it to it's logical conclusion.

To bad your logical conclusions have all been terribly flawed by giving
examples that have clearly documented behavior to the contrary of your

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