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Re: Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use

On Mon, Aug 11, 1997 at 05:32:42PM -0700, SirDibos wrote:
> I know the package maintainer is doing a good job.  Lets all help him by
> discussing our preferences here.  If its votes, Im voting for the nice
> easy to read one.  Am I the only one for who its hard on the eyes?  Does
> anyone have any better color schemes than the first one I mentioned?

I'm using the appended color scheme (mostly the original one, but links use
bright red/blue instead of the standard dark ones) and I like it much more
than the old one with the bright background. My console here is 100x40
chars with 56 Hz vertical refresh, so a bright background would produce too
much flicker and is definitely a no-no.

> And yes, I did read all the manuals to see if it was something
> configurable.  It doesnt appear to be.

It is. Just put the following lines into /etc/lynx.cfg (the defaults are at
the end of the file):


BTW, yes, I agree that the defaults should be changed. Dark red/blue on
black is completely unreadable.

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