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Re: Debian info for Sys Admins - RFC.

Thanks for your effort. It is a good document.

I have only some small nitpicks...

On Wed, Aug 13 1997 11:30 CDT Douglas Bates writes:
>  The full name of Debian is Debian GNU Linux reflecting the fact that
>  Linux is substantially based on the GNU system.  The Free Software
>  Foundation sponsored the initial development of Debian by paying
>  Ian Murdoch's salary for some time when he first started the project.

>  The distribution is currently the property of a non-profit
>  organization called Software in the Public Interest.  The director is
>  Bruce Perens.  He is also the chief architect of Debian.  He works for
>  Pixar as a System Admin.  If you see mail from him on a mailing list
>  or news group it is worth reading.  He is very good.
(I agree)

>  In addition to "stable" and "unstable" you will see directories for
>  "contrib" and "non-free".  Packages in these directories are not
>  covered by the equivalent of the GPL or the Artistic License. 
You forget the BSD license.

>  can be installed for personal use but should not be redistributed by
>  CD-ROM manufacturers unless the manufacturer obtains separate
>  permission. 

Emm. The manufacturer should check the copyright of the packages and should
check where he ships it to (License-reasons things a la GIF).

>  ... packages in Debian's .deb format.  That format contains a gzip'd
>  tar archive of all files to be installed for the package and another
>  gzip'd tar archive of the control information. 
Fore completeness: .debs are ar archives.


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