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Doing CVS based Package maintainence

On Aug 22, 1997, at 23:42, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 > Hi,
 > 	I have been thinking of expanding my cvs-buildpackage package
 >  into something more useful for CVS based sources. I am thinking along
 >  the following lines:

[great stuff deleted]

 >   Is there any interest in this? I would hate to put in this kind f
 >   effort unless it is really going to be used. 

I'm very interested in this. I keep all my sources in CVS, and now that
I'll start packaging something for Debian, this tool would be perfect
for me.

 > Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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