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Re: anti-spam package

In article <[🔎] m0wy9to-00IdTiC@golem.pixar.com>,
Bruce Perens <bruce@debian.org> wrote:
>I am assembling the no-spam package. It writes entries to the /etc/hosts.allow
>file. Should I:
>1. Divert /etc/hosts.allow to my package.

Hmm no, my hosts.allow was carefully handcrafted.

>2. Include a script that edits hosts.allow with each update.

That's a possibility

>3. Extend tcpd to add file inclusion to hosts.allow and hosts.deny

I think this is the best way as the list could be potentially very large.
Also, it would then be possible to parse the file by another script and
generate for example a sendmail "junk" file from it, in case one wants to
use the no-spam list from within sendmail itself.

Something like:

# hosts.allow
sendmail:	$include /etc/mail/spammers : banners /etc/tcpd.banners : DENY
sendmail:	ALL

Contents of /etc/tcpd.banners/sendmail :

550 spammer go away\r\n

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