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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug


	I think that we still need to separate the feature requests
 from the bug reports, because they are *fundamentally* different, and
 should probably have different action methodologies. Even if we do
 not immediately treat them differently, we should leave the option
 open by separating the two categories.

	In some respects, the Bug tracking database *is* a database --
 and not separating the bugs from feature requests violates the first
 normal form. As you know, violating the first normal form makes it
 harder to apply rules for one of the entity classes (like:-all *BUGS*
 should be fixed within 9 months).

	Separating bugs from feature requests shall leave people with
 nothing to hide behind vis-avis fixing bugs -- and people with
 feature requests shall not be reminded every week. I, for one, find
 an open bug against my name an anathema.

 a) Bug: The system does not work as intended or documented
 b) Feature request: a request to enhance or modify the behaviour of
    the product beyond the design and documentation
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