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Re: egcs (New GCC)

In message <[🔎] 34063919.CC3C4D04@micron.net> you write:
|It was indeed a horrible kludge...but is unnecessary in our case.  Two
|native gcc's can indeed coexist.  Both gcc and egcc are configured as
|$(arch)-linux, but under /usr/lib/gcc-lib/$(arch)-linux, the gcc files
|are under, and the egcs files are under egcs-2.90.00.  They
|don't get in each other's way.

Which reminds me - is there a 'right' way to switch the 'default cc'
between two installed compilers?  I have gcc and pgcc installed on one
of my systems, and had to manually feed the path names, link names and
priority to 'update-alternatives' in order to switch between them.

When 'update-alternatives' runs, it forwards the user to ln(1).  Is
direct ln(1) the right way to do this?



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