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Re: Bug in xanim?

Hi, I am the maintainer of xanim.

On %M %N, Remco Blaakmeer wrote
> I have found that xanim, when playing a .mov file (that's the only thing
> I do with it), always resets the sound mixer to its own default value.
> You see, the PCM level has dropped from 75 to 40. If I set the initial
> values to something else, the level for PCM always becomes 40 when xanim
> runs. This is something that I do not want, because this way I always have
> to reset it to 75 while xanim is running or else I can hardly hear the
> sound that comes with the .mov file or any sound I want to hear after
> xanim exits.
> Is this enough for a bug report? 

sounds like a bug to me :).  Unfortunately due to some hardware problems, i 
can't do anything about it until about 2 weeks from now.  I will forward this 
to the upstream maintainer however.  That's all I can do right now :(

>Or is there already a bug report about
> this? 

Nope.  You can always check using web interface at www.debian.org/Bugs.  

>I have not yet got to know the bug reporting system, so I would like
> to know what I have to do to file this bug report the proper way.

just send a message to submit@bugs.debian.org with "Package:" and "Version:"
pseudoheaders, or you can use the bug tool available in stable and unstable.  

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