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Re: fakeroot forcing filemodes

joost witteveen wrote:
> But this allows for more: Fakeroot_0.0-7a (just released, due to problems
> with master only available on ftp://rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl/debian/upload),
> also (by default) refuses to do things like
>   chmod og-r foo
> as this is not allowed by the Debian Policy Manual: Section 3.3.8
> only allows for dirs with mode 04755 or 02775, and files should
> have at least mode 0644.

I think you should keep fakeroot a general purpose tool, and not make it 
responsible for enforcing policy. We have tools like deblint that can check 
for policy violations. Fakeroot may well have uses not related to building 
debian packages, and for it to become a more general-purpose tool, it 
shouldn't contain debian policy rules in it.

see shy jo

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