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Bugreports about Xresources YES or NO?


I'm in the progress of translating Xresources in X11/app-defaults to german.

However, the standard resource files are sometimes a little out-dated. There
are resources specified, that are not used within the version of the
program (irritating), there are unspecified resources, that results to ugly
default values. And there are no resources, where I would like to have a
resource defined, for translation purpose.

My question:

* Should I bugreport unused but specified ressources.
* Should I bugreport resources not specified, but used (you have window
  titles like tfillparms, which should be "Gradient Fill Parameters")
* Should I bug report hard coded english text, that I cannot translate,
  because it not specified by any resource (for example, because it is
  changed at runtime, but this is not the only case).

I can provide detailed information I found out about the resources via
editres, means I can report:

"This lines should be added 
XPaint*.fvd.g.regreg.rge: rgeregre
This lines should be removed or commented out (because not used)
Bfcnew*Efer*RGesRFfes: htz

PS: This is related only to resources that specify text (e.g. *label).

Thank you,

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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