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Re: --force-overwrites: A report

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Overlap between ircii_2.9.3roof-1 and bitchx-lib_0.70-2:
>    usr/lib/irc/script/2.8script
>    usr/lib/irc/script/action
>    usr/lib/irc/script/window
>    usr/lib/irc/translation/ASCII
>    usr/lib/irc/translation/UNITED_KINGDOM_COM

[lots of stuff deleted]

> It looks like these packages should conflict, or else bitchx (the
> newcomer) should use a different location for its library files, if
> possible.  If the library files for both packages are identical,
> it might be possible to put them in a separate package.
> This overlap is still present in unstable (same versions).

We should decide on a policy for IRC, as there will be 3, sooner or later,
when I get a net connection for my home machine (anyone know anything
about cable modems in Portland, Oregon?:-), and I compile irc EPIC for
glibc.  I think I may have changed it to use a different directory, but,
is this the best solution?

I also would like to package wwwstat, any comments on this?

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