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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> The pine author, on the other hand, sees this as the choice of the
> user.

Ah, but the user has no choice.  Attachments are always base-64
encoded, whether the user wants this or not.

But I believe that this discussion is now about pine anymore but about
when bugs should or should not be fixed.

> It was my understanding that one reason sufficient for closing a bug was
> its forwarding to the upstream maintainer.

No!  What is the point, then, of tagging bugs as forwarded?

> bugs older than a particular age generate NAG e-mail to the
> package maintainer. This is clearly intended to give the maintainer an
> incentive to close the bug.

Whoever is generating these nag emails offered to not generate email
for any specific bug on request.  Santiago merely needs to write to
him and ask him to remove this bug from the list as it's non-critical.

These nag emails aren't intended to be for all old bugs.  They're
meant to be for old and important bugs.

> Ian, why is it not sufficient that disputes such as yours with Pine be
> documented in the package's README file? Why is it necessary to occupy the
> maintainer's attention with this issue "for as long as you both shall
> live"?

Actually it is James and I that arguing over this, not Ian.  James and
I certainly do not wish to keep conversing over this with the
maintainer forever.  We just want the bug to remain open as the proper
place for bugs AND feature requests is in the bug system, not hidden
away in some file.

   "We will keep our entire bug-report database open for public view at
    all times."

By your choice of words: nagging, battle, abuse, disputes, I also
infer that you have got the wrong idea about bugs filed against
packages.  Only a simpleton judges a package maintainer solely on the
number of bugs filed against his packages.


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