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Re: Amiga 68k Bootdisks

Stephan Eisler wrote:
> Help please..
> I need the Amiga 68k Bootdisks!
>  Stephan

Have a look at http://home.pages.de/~mrvn/debian
It's still under construction, but you will find the neccassary files
there along with an ugly readme. I'm going to build and test bootdisks
for Amiga any day now. For the time being you have to copy the files to
a partition and boot from there. Once the system is installed you can
make yourself a bootdisk by formating a disk, puting the kernel and
loader onto it and writeing a :s/startup-sequence that loads the kernel.
Don't forget to run 'install <drive>:' on the disk to make it bootable.

I have a few lines in my startup-sequence that checks the mousebuttons.
Depending on those it boots into different configurations.

May the source be with you.

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