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Re: egcs (New GCC)

On 16 Aug 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> writes:
> > one more is probably not a problem, as long as it Provides:, Conflicts:
> > with the other packages correctly.
> It would be really nice if we could have gcc and egcc installed
> concurrently.  Then it would be easy to check suspected problems in
> each compiler's behavior against the other.  It would also make gcc an
> easy fallback for cases that egcc doesn't initially handle well.

I'd reccomend doing what I did with pgcc.  I install each gcc,g++ ...
binary with a p appened to the beggining. i.e. pgcc, pg++.

What I'd like to do is a way to do update-alternatives so that the user
could chose what would be their default gcc easily.  This would help a lot
cause many makefiles are "evil" and it's difficult to get the same CC all
the way through.


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