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Color schemes worth a bug report? (Re: lynx colors for ease of use)

BTW: What about ugly colors in general: Does anybody use "bitmap" (part of
xbase)? *These* colors are really bad. I think, you need a good portion of
sadism to think of these colors, and a good portion of masochism to stand

Is a bug report against such colors objected?

On Aug 11, SirDibos wrote:
> On 12 Aug 1997, James Troup wrote:
> > SirDibos <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:
> > 
> > > And yes, I did read all the manuals to see if it was something
> > > configurable.  It doesnt appear to be.
> > 
> > Blah.  Try the end of /etc/lynx.cfg.
> Thank you.  With a bit of fiddling and experimenting, I found the values I
> wanted.  The relevant ones are:
> COLOR:0:lightgray:black => COLOR:0:black:lightgray
> COLOR:1:blue:black      => COLOR:1:blue:lightgray
> COLOR:6:red:black       => COLOR:6:red:lightgray
> Does anyone else have any opions before I go ahead and ask the package
> maintainer to make this the default preconfigured setting?

Didn't you read the mail from Martin? IMO, a light default background is no
good idea, because people do not expect it from a console program. Color
shemes are highly personal, and so the default should be as unobtrusive as
possible. It is better for your eyes anyway. It is ok to change the colors
of the links to mak ethem readbale, but let's leave the black background, ok?
It is a pain to your eyes, wenn you work at night and start lynx.

> My bad for not reading /usr/doc/lynx

Yes. I wonder, if you read the changleog.DEBIAN.gz:

lynx (2.7-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Set lynx.cfg default colors to black background. (Fixes 7866)


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