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Re: Just a few questions...

Hello Marcus B! (No, I'm not shizophren, are we :-)

On Aug 04, Marcus B wrote:
> I use Slackware 96 right now, and I am wanting to go to an easier to
> upgrade system.  The main things I wanted to find out about, how easy is
> it to go to a 2.1.x kernel, are the upgrades easily put in or will I
> have to (compile and) install my self, instead of a package manager. 
> Would this be in the Debian devel-2.0 packages.

Welcome to the wonderful world of debian!
About the kernel upgrade: Debian aims to be a very stable system. So there
is no *kernel source package* with a 2.1.x kernel. But if you get the sources from
elsewhere, you can install the kernel-package.deb file (it is a package
itself). With this, you can *very* easy make your own kernel.deb package!
You can install this self built package so easy as you would install a
normal debian package.

So, you don't need to bother about kernel upgrades. If you really need them,
just built your own kernel package (one commandline), and upgrade with the
debian package tool dpkg.
> Does Debian have any special boot-time requirements, the reason I ask is
> RedHat 4.2 at least, uses an initrd ramdisk as root.
> Does Debian handle muliple 'vmlinuz's, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

Sorry, I don't know about this two - ya see? I'm no prof, but I already know
to built my own kernel package _(;


"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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