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Re: bzip2 -- no longer non-us?

Were'nt you the one quibbling with me about the difference that any size
difference makes in the downloading of stuff in Europe, because the
charges for local calls are by the  minute?  Specifically, back when
someone recommended the documentation for every package be split into
separate packages so you could choose to download it or not?

Im sure many Europeans would be willing to forgo some unpacking speed for
the savings in phone bill.


Manong Dibos

On 29 Aug 1997, Laurent Bonnaud wrote:

> However bzip2 is still too slow at uncompressing to be used in .deb
> files IMHO.  Here are my tests on the same file (Sun Ultra 200MHz) :
> 		size		Compr. time 	Decompr. (s)
> gzip -9		9566095		 74		 6
> bzip -9		7386799		218		78
> bzip2 -9	7467838		150		44
> bzip2 -1	8852622		115		26
> bzip2 is several times (4->8) slower than gzip, so users of slow
> machines may not be happy.  And with the -1 option, savings are not so
> huge.

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