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Re: Debian Releases (was: Show me the money)

> > > > Moving it under "project" doesn't restrict who can use it.  That directory
> > > > should already be available to everyone.  It just makes it less visible and
> > > > thus less likely to be used by someone not in the know.
> > >
> > > The README in the bo-updates and bo directories make it eminently
> > > clear what is there.
> >
> > It won't make any difference.  It should be as obvious as possible what
> > its purpose is without that.  Its affordance says "bo updates" in a
> > far louder voice than the readme says "bo untested".
> >
> > affordance: the perceived properties of the thing, primarily those
> > fundamental properties that determine just how the thing could possibly
> > be used.  (from "About Face" by Alan Cooper and "The Psychology of Everyday
> > Things" by Donald Norman)
> I agree Brian.  Can you work out a change with Dale and Guy such that we
> rename this directory to a more appropriate choice such as "bo-untested"?

I'd prefer to just move it under "project", but I'm really too picky.
It would still be available to any who wanted what was in it.

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