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Re: Doing CVS based Package maintainence

On 22 Aug 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  a) cvs-pkginit
> 	Takes a dsc file, and source and diff files (the diff file
> 	being optional), and imports the package into CVS.

>  c) cvs-upgrade
> 	Given a package a new upstream source (possibly unpacked
> 	already), a package name/version, (or a debian/changelog file)
> 	it imports the new upstream sources, and then checks out the
> 	latest version (-jsource-dist:yesterday -jsource-dist:Today)
> 	incorporating the new upstream patches.
>   Is there any interest in this? I would hate to put in this kind f
>   effort unless it is really going to be used. 

If anything I would really like to see a simple HOW-TO included with
cvs-buildpackage, I never really thought the CVS doc's covered these
topics as well as they should have, they are extremely usefull IMHO.


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