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Re: Boot disk images -- the only way?

Vadim Vygonets wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Syrus Nemat-Nasser wrote:
> > We've already got alternative installation methods.  There is an
> > intall.bat on the Official CD which runs the entire installation from the
> > CD on a DOS or Windows system (it should be run from DOS mode).  Also,
> > there is a method to do floppyless installation from a DOS partition
> > where one simply downloades the compressed base archive, loadlin.exe, and
> > a few more images such as the kernel and the drivers disk image.  1.3.x
> > has been the testing ground for these methods.  Given that they each work
> > well, we will be able to emphasize there use over the old 6-disk floppy
> > installation method.
> 6-floppy installation method should still exist, because not everyone
> has CD or ethernet network connection.  Of course it's good that other
> methods exist.
> Vadik.

What has the bootdisk to do with ethernet installation? Without the
basesystem installed you can't use it anyway. And as to the 6-floppy
installation method, a one floppy installation method is enough for
people who have 6MB free on their Dos partition.
The other methods are also all needed, because people don't always have
a floppy, like I had last weekend, or don't have the CD but a ethernet
under DOS.

I had to install debian using a parallel conection to put base.tgz, the
kernel and loadlin onto a 10 MB partition (wich was just to small to
hold the diskimages needed as well) and boot from there.
Why don't we have dokumentation for this method? There should be a
package containing all files, readmes and scripts needed to easily
install via harddisk, or as I did on my Amiga via Ramdisk immage (I made
an image of the bare system, mounted it as /dev/ram, booted and copied
it onto the new partition). Thats an installation method also, which
needs eigther much ram or a spare partition (wich could be the to-be

May the source be with you.

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