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Re: egcs (New GCC)

On Sat, 16 Aug 1997, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> Hi,
> I was just reading on usenet and came across a post that pointed me to
> this URL: http://www.cygnus.com/egcs
> Here is a quick cut from there to sum it up:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> egcs is an experimental step in the development of GCC, the GNU C
> compiler.
> A bunch of us (including Fortran, Linux, Intel and RTEMS hackers) have
> gotten together to return to the fundamental idea that code visibility and
> submissions from the net are vital to the long term improvement of the
> compiler. We are going to integrate variations and patches to GCC that are
> floating around, including some front-ends like g77 (Fortran). We are
> going to work closely with the free OS'es (e.g. Linux, *BSD) where GCC is
> a critical piece of infrastructure. We invite you to join us.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The go on to say they have realeased the first weekly snapshot of GCC, and
> plan to have a 'release' out by September. Judging by the content of the
> page and the thread I found the URL in I would have to say they intend to
> produce a version of GCC that is not FSF released.
> I might download their snapshot if it's not too big, I'm hoping they have
> got the G++ 2.8 patches in it!

Just for info, I am about to upload pgcc to master, pgcc is basically the
present snapshot of gcc-2.8 with more pentium[-pro,II] optimizations.  It
would have been uploaded on friday, but I did something weird to the
source so the diff was bigger than the source tree.  It should be uploaded
by monday.


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