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Re: anti-spam package

dark@xs4all.nl (Richard Braakman) writes:


>   - anything with an X-Pmflags: header that lists two numbers.
>   - anything with a "Comments: Authenticated sender is" header.


> Note that I have no idea where most of these headers are generated.  I
> don't really care, either.  This method works and has so far erred
> only on the side of caution.  For all I know, there is a particular
> mailer out there that is favoured by spammers :-)

The two above are generated by Pegasus Mail (for Windows).  There are
two things that make it poppular with spammers:
  - It's free.
  - It handles large mailing lists quickly.
And one which gets ignored:
  - It's license prohibits its use for spamming.

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