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Re: Diety UI draft

Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mozcom.com> writes:

> But mirror doesn't have the nice diety UI ;-).

But you can run mirror every night which shouldn't take too long
unless a new set of X packages have been released, and the point diety
at the mirrored tree.

> Seriously, though, let's take a look at my case.  I get 100-400
> bytes/sec ftp transfer rates on large files, depending on network
> conditions at the time.  200 bytes/sec is typical.

I get about 2000-3000 bytes/sec with my 33.6 modem (usually connects
at less than 33.6).  I'm not saying this to be snotty, I'm just
wondering where your bottleneck is.  Are you just using a slow modem?

I do agree that having a tool to generate a list of needed packages
like dpkg-ftp is a very useful thing if you can't afford the disk
space for a mirror (now about 500MB if you include non-free, contrib,
non-US (source and bin), and unstable).


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