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Re: DQS and pvm (Hi, Drake Diedrich)

On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Thomas Gebhardt wrote:

> Hi,
> some weeks ago Drake Diedrich (dld@empire.anu.edu.au) mentioned
> in this list that he is preparing a DQS and a pvm package. Is
> there alraedy an early version available?

   dqs, pvm, and pvmpov packages are available at
http://biocomp.anu.edu.au/~dld/debian/ while I wait for an account.
The process seems to have stalled.
  I'm still learning how the shared libraries interact with the
installation system, so be careful, they're likely to change. 

> The email address "dld@empire.anu.edu.au" bounces. Therefore I send
> my question here.

   Erm, yep.  The Reply-To: should have worked <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au>,
but the machine empire is what I experiment on.  It's regularly damaged..

   On further discussion the author, DQS will have to go into non-free. 
SCRI doesn't approve of someone creating a commercial package and
reselling DQS. 


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