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Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

I just took a look at the code for install-info, and a peek at all the
bugs that have been reported on it, and have decided to re-write the
code entirely.

The old code is Perl4-based (not a good thing) and has lots of nasty
hacks and yucky bugs in it.

So, I figure it won't be too much trouble to just re-write the whole
thing from scratch. There are only a few problems:

install-info is a very basic program, and as such probably shouldn't
require the full perl package. But I need to figure out exactly how
much Perl is included on the base floppies set -- which modules come
along for the ride, and all that.

Also, I need to know *exactly what* install-info should do. I've
searched around a bit, and haven't found this information. I can
replicate what the current one does, and fix all the current bugs, but
that's no guarantee it'll be perfect. Where can I find this

Hope this goes well,


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