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i2o fiasco- a possible workaround

On Aug  8, 1997, at 04:42, Conley Roberts wrote:
 > I read that you guys are attempting to come up with an alternative to 
 > i2o.  Then again, how about this? We let them bring the beastie out, and 
 > we reverse engineer from the COMPONENTS! There is no way i2o can make 
 > this illegal.  And, if the effort is stealthed long enough, we can cause 
 > an interesting situation, possibly:
 > 1:   Wintel sits and laughs.  At least, we're there!
 > 2:   Wintel says "all developers will recode.  We will stay the same."
 >         If nothing else, the developers will be mucho upset, and will
 >         probably balk (very soft word, IMHO) at this proclamation.
 > 3:   Wintel and developers recode.  Just look, their efforts just were
 >         wasted for the past year.  I am just soooooo sorryyyyyy...
 >         :-P
 > I will not post this to the NG for obvious reasons.  If you read this, 
 > please reply.  Do not agree or disagree, unless you wish.  If you post 
 > this, please document my name, but say the idea is anonymous.  I don't 
 > have THAT much money, either :-) If this is kept very tight and quiet, 
 > there will be no way to combat an effort of this type.  Let the .COM 
 > developers in on this, if there are some trusty people in there to let 
 > know about this...you can guess Wintel would be FURIOUS if they knew 
 > that this could be happening (tho they probably are planning on it 
 > happening anyway...
 > If this is not worthy, feel free to ignore it.  If there are possible 
 > legal aspects that could be problems with the idea, send them to me and 
 > then I can know too.
 > Send any replies to ikykkoyku@yhyotmayil.cyoym
 > (remove 'y's when responding)
 > P.S. If i2o is the wave of the future, may I live in the desert, please?

Could you please provide more details on what you are talking about?
What's i2o? Perhaps the fact that I'm asking proves I don't need to
know? 8)

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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