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i2o fiasco- a possible workaround

I read that you guys are attempting to come up with an alternative to 
i2o.  Then again, how about this? We let them bring the beastie out, and 
we reverse engineer from the COMPONENTS! There is no way i2o can make 
this illegal.  And, if the effort is stealthed long enough, we can cause 
an interesting situation, possibly:

1:   Wintel sits and laughs.  At least, we're there!
2:   Wintel says "all developers will recode.  We will stay the same."
        If nothing else, the developers will be mucho upset, and will
        probably balk (very soft word, IMHO) at this proclamation.
3:   Wintel and developers recode.  Just look, their efforts just were
        wasted for the past year.  I am just soooooo sorryyyyyy...

I will not post this to the NG for obvious reasons.  If you read this, 
please reply.  Do not agree or disagree, unless you wish.  If you post 
this, please document my name, but say the idea is anonymous.  I don't 
have THAT much money, either :-) If this is kept very tight and quiet, 
there will be no way to combat an effort of this type.  Let the .COM 
developers in on this, if there are some trusty people in there to let 
know about this...you can guess Wintel would be FURIOUS if they knew 
that this could be happening (tho they probably are planning on it 
happening anyway...

If this is not worthy, feel free to ignore it.  If there are possible 
legal aspects that could be problems with the idea, send them to me and 
then I can know too.

Send any replies to ikykkoyku@yhyotmayil.cyoym
(remove 'y's when responding)

P.S. If i2o is the wave of the future, may I live in the desert, please?

"No matter where you go, there you are."

- Buckaroo Banzai

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