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Re: Debian Releases (was: Show me the money)

> > >    As for "1.3.3", as V.P.Engineering, I've authorized _nothing_ since
> > >    the release of 1.3.1.  What is in bo-updates are just candidates
> > >    for the next release that the testing group has to approve.
> > >    Prehaps I was mistaken in arguing for the bo-updates directory to
> > >    be made public.  I thought it would help ensure packages were
> > >    better tested, but it seems to just be adding to the confusion of
> > >    it all.
> > >
> > > I think the problem isn't the existence of the directory, but the
> > > name.  It should have been named something else, particularly because
> > > "rex-updates" used to mean the packages that were approved.  Perhaps
> > > it should be called "bo-untested" to make it more clear.
> This is a fine idea and makes it clear,
> > True.  Perhaps simply moving it under the "project" directory would be
> > sufficient?
> Please don´t do it! It would hide bug fixes, that should/could be tested
> by every user.

Moving it under "project" doesn't restrict who can use it.  That directory
should already be available to everyone.  It just makes it less visible and
thus less likely to be used by someone not in the know.

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