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Re: bzip2 -- no longer non-us?

Mark Eichin <eichin@cygnus.com> writes:

> we save 2M out of 9.5M

20% is a lot.

> consider that we could leave the *control* element gzip'ed, while
> bzip'ing the data element, in order to provide clean upgrade
> warnings -- ie. the old dpkg could still parse the new format and
> find the dependency on a new version of dpkg, or something like
> that.

In order for a minor version change to work, we would still have to
have a data.tar.gz before the new data.tar.bz.  dpkg-deb won't even
extract the control unless it finds all the valid parts.  See dpkg(5)
for more.

Another idea is to have a tiny data.tar.gz which contains a preinst
which echoes an imformative message and fails.  A dpkg-deb which
understood 2.1 archives would know to skip the data.tar.gz and process
the data.tar.bz.

It's a bit of a hack, and it might be better to just increase the
version to 3.0.  dpkg-deb already gives you a message:
dpkg-deb: archive version 3 not understood, get newer dpkg-deb


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